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From print to electronic, Malka G. Levy can help with almost any project you can imagine.

Malka specializes in Custom Graphic Design for start-up to mid-sized businesses at an affordable price and offers a wide range of services to market and promote your company. She has the ability to give any start-up company the edge it needs to succeed!

Her elegant and sophisticated style plus exquisite attention to detail has put Malka in a class of her own for more than 30 years.

She works directly with you, the client, in an exclusive, friendly, and personal manner to create a seamless experience, plus you get to take advantage of years of industry expertise.

Malka has worked with a wide range of clients throughout the country and overseas from various industries, including: Restaurants, Radio and TV Stations, Law Firms, Shopping Centers, Realty Developers, Inventors, Furniture Stores and Entertainment Destinations to name a few.

Feel free to browse & enjoy!

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Each project starts

out with a simple question —

"How much will

it cost?"

The answer is —

"It all depends...".

Before Malka can give you an estimate, she first need to understand your project, budget, schedules and expectations.

Malka works closely with you to define the primary parameters of the project, to identify the targeted audience and to tailor

the solution to your specific industry.

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